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Home Air Conditioning Installations

We offer a wide range of air conditioning systems to suit your home. Wall Mounted air conditioners are 

the most common units used in a domestic setting. A wall mounted unit would be the most cost efficent 

solution to have installed & are a simple solution when it comes to retrofitting without the need for other

building works. 

We are certified in the safe handling of refrigerants and all electrical work is carried out by a qualified electrician to the latest standards. Installion & test certificates will be provided on completion.

You may not realise that our air conditioning units can act as heaters for your room, with greater output than a traditional heating system while using less energy to do it. 

Using air conditioning units to heat your room can be up to 3 times more effective than central heating or an electrical heater. We can help reduce your energy costs along with reducing your carbon footprint.

By partnering with the leading manufacturers, we ensure to find a solution to meet your needs. Simply fill out the form below to request a free quote & we'll contact you with more information. 

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Air conditioner manufacturers

We're certified to install & maintain systems from the leading manufacturers. Including your electrical supply, we ensure to offer you a perfect solution. 

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